Dick Dale - Mr Eliminator

Dick Dale - Mr Eliminator

Catalogue Code: 702892

Barcode: 5050457028923

Release Date: 13 Feb 2006

Among the cognoscenti Dick Dale is the father of surf rock and one of the most influential guitarists of any age, with Jimi Hendrix and later Eddie Van Halen willing students. It was Dick’s adaptation of the Greek dance song 'Misirlou', which became 'Misirlou Twist', a solo guitar piece, that brought both the song and Dick to a wider audience, with the Beach Boys doing their own Dick Dale inspired version on 'Surfin' USA' that made the world aware of surfing. Dick’s place in surfing and music history is assured, however, for he was given the moniker King of the Surf Guitar by his fellow surfers and guitarists!

1. Break Time
2. Surf Buggy
3. Mag Wheels
4. Ho Dad Machine
5. Motion
6. Taco Wagon
7. Death Of A Gremmie
8. Misirlou Twist
9. Mr Eliminator
10. Flashing Eyes
11. Firing Up
12. Nitro Fuel
13. Surfin’ Rebel
14. Spanish Kiss
15. Summer Surf
16. Thunder Wave