Winifred Atwell - & Her Other Piano

Winifred Atwell - & Her Other Piano

Catalogue Code: 705692

Barcode: 5050457056926

Release Date: 6 Jun 2005

Born in Tunapuna, Trinidad on 27th April 1914, the daughter of a chemist, Winifred originally intended following in her father’s footsteps before switching to music, subsequently coming to England in 1946 and gaining a place at the Royal Academy of Music. In order to support herself through college, Winifred played rags at clubs and theatres in London, evolving a style of honky tonk playing that proved extremely popular. Indeed, whilst her later performances would begin with classical recitals on a grand piano, it was the boogie music played on an old and battered piano bought for £2 10s at a Battersea junk shop that evoked the most reaction. ‘My other piano’, as Winifred referred to it, wound up enabling Winifred to become the best paid performer in the UK during the 1950s. Although her popularity waned towards the end of the decade, at least as far as record sales were concerned, she was still a huge draw on stage. Winifred and her husband (and manager) Lew Levisohn migrated to Australia towards the end of the 1960s, where Winifred continued to play until retiring in 1978. This album contains her best known work, including 'Black And White Rag', better known as the theme to the television show Pot Black.

1. Buda Buda
2. Swanee River Boogie
3. Black And White Rag
4. Cross Hands Boogie
5. Britannia Rag
6. Dixie Boogie
7. Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
8. Way Up In North Carolina
9. Coronation Rag
10. Bounce The Boogie
11. Flirtation Waltz
12. Golden Tango
13. Five Finger Boogie
14. Rhapsody Rag
15. Let's Have A Party Part 1 – Intro/If You Knew Susie Like I Know Susie/The More We Are Together/That’s My Weakness Now/Knees Up Mother Brown
16. Let's Have A Party Part 2 – Intro/Daisy Bell/Boomps-A-Daisy/She Was One Of The Early Birds/Three O’Clock In The Morning
17. Let's Have Another Party Part 1 – Somebody Stole My Gal/I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight/When The Red, Red Robin/Bye, Bye Blackbird/The Sheik Of Araby/Another Little Drink
18. Let's Have Another Party Part 2 – Lily Of Laguna/Honeysuckle And The Bee/Broken Doll/Nellie Dean
19. Asia Minor
20. Vendetta