Peter Sellers - Million Sellers

Peter Sellers - Million Sellers

Catalogue Code: 707322

Barcode: 5050457073220

Release Date: 13 Jul 2009

Whilst Peter Sellers would ultimately become hugely successful as a comedy actor, most notably with the Pink Panther series of films, he made his name thanks to his contributions to The Goon Show. His ability to come up with a wide variety of voices for the show, including the likes of Major Dennis Bloodnok, Bluenottle, Henry Crun and Grytpype Thynne, among countless others, made him as vital to the show as writer Spike Mulligan. His vocal ability soon had a number of record companies knocking on his door, with George Martin of Parlophone convincing him to do three albums in two years that were extremely well received. This album, which comprises mainly of the 1959 album The Best Of Sellers, also features the hit singles recorded by The Goons during the same era.

1. Auntie Rotter
2. All The Things You Are
3. We Need The Money
4. I'm So Ashamed
5. Party Political Speech
6. Balham - Gateway To The South
7. Suddenly It's Folk Song
8. The Trumpet Volunteer
9. I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas
10. Bluebottle Blues
11. Bloodnok's Rock 'N' Roll Call
12. Ying Tong Song