Original Film Soundtrack - Ben Hur

Original Film Soundtrack - Ben Hur

Catalogue Code: 709162

Barcode: 5050457091620

Release Date: 24 May 2010

The third and perhaps most important film adaptation of Lew Wallace’s book, the 1959 release Ben Hur proved to be one of the biggest movie epics of all time. It would go on to win a total of eleven Academy Awards, including a third for composer and conductor Miklos Rozsa. The soundtrack is considered to be one of the most popular soundtracks of all time and regular appears highly in the list of top 100 film scores.

1. Ben Hur: Prelude
2. Ben Hur: The Adoration Of The Magic
3. Ben Hur: Roman March
4. Ben Hur: Friendship
5. Ben Hur: Love Theme Of Ben-Hur
6. Ben Hur: The Burning Desert
7. Ben Hur: The Rowing Of The Galley Slaves
8. Ben Hur: Naval Battle
9. Ben Hur: Return To Judea
10. Ben Hur: Victory Parade
11. Ben Hur: The Mother's Love
12. Ben Hur: The Leper's Search For The Christ
13. Ben Hur: The Procession To Calvary
14. Ben Hur: The Miracle And Finale