Henry Mancini - The Music From Peter Gunn

Henry Mancini - The Music From Peter Gunn

Catalogue Code: 709312

Barcode: 5050457093129

Release Date: 14 Jun 2010

Peter Gunn was considered something of a ground breaking television detective series, earning numerous plaudits during its run. However, it is for its music that it has become most synonymous, earning composer Henry Mancini an Emmy Award and two Grammys. Whilst other series used generic music, Henry Mancini decided to utilise jazz, giving the series a distinctive feel and also translating its popularity to record buyers, who made The Music From Peter Gunn a #1 smash. It is the theme itself that is perhaps best remembered, but the rest of the music stands up to scrutiny.

1. Peter Gunn: Peter Gunn
2. Peter Gunn: Sorta Blue
3. Peter Gunn: The Brothers Go To Mother's
4. Peter Gunn: Dreamsville
5. Peter Gunn: Session At Pete's Pad
6. Peter Gunn: Soft Sounds
7. Peter Gunn: Fallout!
8. Peter Gunn: The Floater
9. Peter Gunn: Slow And Easy
10. Peter Gunn: A Profound Gass
11. Peter Gunn: Brief And Breezy
12. Peter Gunn: Not From Dixie