The Knightsbridge Strings - Immortal Melodies

The Knightsbridge Strings - Immortal Melodies

Catalogue Code: 709892

Barcode: 5050457098926

Release Date: 15 Nov 2010

The phenomenal success of the 101 Strings prompted a host of copycat orchestras around the world. The members of the rivals were as anonymous as the members of the 101 Strings, prompting many to believe the new arrivals were merely the 101 Strings under a different name! The Knightsbridge Strings, who were to enjoy one chart album, did possess something of a pedigree, with Malcolm Lockyer and Reg Owen handling conducting and arrangements for the orchestra. Also involved, albeit in a supervision role, was Tony Hatch, later to become one of the best known writers and producers of the decade.

1. Elegie
2. Ave Maria
3. Padam-Padam
4. The Swan
5. Brahms Lullaby
6. Greensleeves
7. Humoresque
8. Strauss Medley
9. Mattinata