Duane Eddy - $1,000,000,00 Worth Of Twang

Duane Eddy - $1,000,000,00 Worth Of Twang

Catalogue Code: 710202

Barcode: 5050457102029

Release Date: 19 Sep 2011

By 1961 Duane Eddy had achieved a major breakthrough around the world, charting three albums on the Billboard Top 200 chart, of which one had got as far as #5. His performances on the UK's Record Retailer chart were even more impressive, with three of his four charting albums making the Top Ten. Thus it was seen as the perfect time to bring out a 'best of' collection, although perhaps in an effort to present the collection as something of a new album, it was given the title $1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang (no doubt reflecting the amount of income being generated by his album sales). In the US, the collection peaked at #10 during the course of a 21 week chart run. Here in the UK it went even better, hitting #5 eight weeks into its 19 week chart run.

1. Rebel Rouser
2. Cannonball
3. The Quiet Three
4. Bonnie Came Back
5. Because They're Young
6. Theme For Moon Children
7. Moovin' 'N Groovin'
8. The Lonely One
9. Forty Miles Of Bad Road
10. Some Kinda Earthquake
11. First Love, First Tears
12. Kommotion