Various Artists - Tamla Special No 1

Various Artists - Tamla Special No 1

Catalogue Code: 710922

Barcode: 5050457109226

Release Date: 20 Feb 2012

Ordinarily, a label that merely gathers together the A and B sides of five or so of its recent output to assemble an album would not normally be of much interest, but when the label concerned is Tamla, then that is a different story. Whilst several of the tracks will be almost instantly recognisable, such as Money and Shop Around, there are one or two surprises, especially both sides of the Singin' Sammy Ward & Sherri Taylor single. The rather simplistic artwork gives the impression that Tamla (part of Motown, in case you didn't know) was using this as an introduction to the label rather than a real attempt to break into the album market, but its a historic release all the same.

1. Money (That's What I Want)
2. Way Over There
3. Shop Around
4. Bye Bye Baby
5. Oh! Lover
6. Depend On Me
7. Please Forgive Me
8. Who's Loving You
9. Oh I Apologize
10. That's Why I Love You So Much