The Twistin' Kings - Twistin' The World Around

The Twistin' Kings - Twistin' The World Around

Catalogue Code: 711392

Barcode: 5050457113926

Release Date: 20 Feb 2012

Only the second album ever released on the Motown label, Twistin' The World Around was a blatant attempt to capitalise on the twist craze then sweeping across the country. The individual track titles have little or no relevance - Twisting Ales Style and Twist Ala B.G. are obviously so named in deference to Barney Ales and Berry Gordy - but what makes this an important album is the quality of the playing. You would expect nothing less from the Funk Brothers, featuring Thomas 'Bean' Bowles, Ron Wakefield, James Jamerson, Benny Benjamin et al, and they do not disappoint. It did not set the cash tills ringing when originally released but has been a much sought after item ever since.

1. Old Folks Twist
2. White House Twist
3. Twistin' The World Around
4. Twist Ala B.G.
5. Flying Circle Twist
6. Mexican Twist
7. Congo Twist
8. Christmas Twist
9. Twisting Ales Style