Bob Newhart - The Button Down Mind Strikes Back

Bob Newhart - The Button Down Mind Strikes Back

Catalogue Code: 712172

Barcode: 5050457121723

Release Date: 20 Aug 2012

Hot on the heels of the success of The Button Down Mind, Bob Newhart and Warner Brothers released a second volume of his unique comedy stylings, imaginatively entitled The Button Down Mind Strikes Back. The historical feature was a based on George Washington's army and a moaner in the ranks, whilst the rest deals with more up-to-the-minute concerns, such as budget airlines, just how they train bus drivers, talking people off of ledges, retirement, and the monkey's role in the creation of great literature. It proved to be another successful album, similarly topping the Billboard Top 200.

1. Automation And A Private In Washington's Army
2. The Grace L. Ferguson Airline
3. Bus Drivers School
4. Retirement Party
5. An Infinite Number Of Monkeys
6. Ledge Psychology