Morris Grants - Morris Grants Presents JUNK

Morris Grants - Morris Grants Presents JUNK

Catalogue Code: 712452

Barcode: 5050457124526

Release Date: 22 Oct 2012

One of the rarest jazz albums of all, Morris Grants Presents JUNK is, for the uninitiated, a spoof of the Norman Granz Presents JATP. According to the sleevenotes, the album features Morris Brewbeck, Miles Morris with Can-E-Ball Naturally, Morris Garner, Gene Blooper, Merry Julligan with Bet Taker, Ornette Morris with Mon Cherie, Theloniest Plunk and Morris Ferguson, but of course all these names are made up. Speculation as to who were the real players has focused on Maynard Ferguson and his assorted group members, but we’ll never know for sure!

1. Jumping With Symphony Sid
2. Gone With The Wind
3. Le Tup
4. Lonesome Road
5. Mack The Knife
6. Drumarama
7. Making Whooppee
8. Creative Love, However
9. 'Round Lunchtime
10. Frenesi
11. C Jam Blues