Connie Francis - Do The Twist With Connie Francis

Connie Francis - Do The Twist With Connie Francis

Catalogue Code: 713242

Barcode: 5050457132422

Release Date: 25 Feb 2013

As if to prove that virtually every artist imaginable rushed into the studio to record a twist album in the aftermath of Chubby Checker’s hit, here is Connie Francis with her offering. One of five albums Connie released in 1962 alone, Do The Twist With Connie Francis was one of the better efforts available in the marketplace, even making the Top 50 of the album chart when it peaked at #47, making it her second most successful album of the year. The album had to achieve its success without an accompanying single release, making its success even more impressive.

1. Mr Twister
2. Teach Me How To Twist
3. Johnny Darlin'
4. Telephone Lover
5. Mommy Your Daughter's Fallin' In Love
6. Drop Joe
7. Kiss 'N' Twist (Tarantella)
8. I Won't Be Home To You
9. My Real Happiness
10. Ain't That Better Baby
11. Hey Ring-A-Ding
12. Does Ol' Broadway Ever Sleep