Earl Washington - All Star Jazz

Earl Washington - All Star Jazz

Catalogue Code: 713262

Barcode: 5050457132620

Release Date: 18 Mar 2013

A more than competent boxer as a teen (he won the Chicago Boxing Golden Glove title at the age of fourteen), Earl Washington found a better use for his hands at the piano, learning classical music from a tutor and playing jazz when he embarked on a professional career. The All Star Jazz album, which features several former Count Basie band members, was reportedly recorded for Chicago’s Formal Records before being leased to Berry Gordy for release on his Workshop Jazz label, with Opus No 3 also being released as a single. Whilst Motown’s promotional efforts on the album were minimal (as they were on all Workshop Jazz releases), Earl did return two years later for a further album for the label. And whilst the original All Star Jazz may not have made much of an impact in the US, it certainly impressed the Disques Artone Fonoplatten company in Belgium, where Earl’s debut was part of a jazz promotion in 1964!

1. Opus No 3
2. Taste Time
3. The Swinging Jesters Blues
4. March Lightly
5. Tony's Tune
6. The Ghost