Aretha Franklin - Aretha

Aretha Franklin - Aretha

Catalogue Code: 713992

Barcode: 5050457139926

Release Date: 22 Jul 2013

Her debut album for Columbia (and only the second album of her career), Aretha was a much anticipated album, as the original sleeve notes were quick to point out. ‘The word is out. A magnetic new artist, Aretha Franklin, only a short while away from her father's gospel church in Detroit, has been breaking up audience in theatres and nightclubs throughout the country and on Columbia single records. Combining a completely natural and uninhibited vocal style with an irresistible rhythmic sense, Aretha Franklin has established herself as one of the hottest new performers in show business and one likely to set new standards in the entertainment industry. She doesn't just open the door - she breaks it down.’ Despite the endorsement, Columbia were still unsure as to which market to target, resulting in Aretha being a collection of soul and pop with a hint of jazz thrown into the mix.

1. Won't Be Long
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Love Is The Only Thing
4. Sweet Lover
5. All Night Long
6. Who Needs You?
7. Right Now
8. Are You Sure?
9. Maybe I'm A Fool
10. It Ain't Necessarily So
11. (Blue) Be Myself
12. Today I Sing The Blues