Duke Ellington With Mahalia Jackson - Black Brown & Beige

Duke Ellington With Mahalia Jackson - Black Brown & Beige

Catalogue Code: 714262

Barcode: 5050457142629

Release Date: 2 Dec 2013

Originally written in 1943 for a concert performance at the Carnegie Hall, the fifty minute suite Black, Brown & Beige was initially dismissed by critics, who felt Duke Ellington had overreached himself for a jazz composer. Disappointed, Duke would revisit the suite on numerous occasions, although invariably utilising only excerpts, until 1958, when the full suite was restored. There are subtle changes, most notably the absence of alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges (his place on the album being taken by Bill Graham), but the inclusion of Mahalia Jackson is more than adequate compensation. The end result is a tour de force, one that ranges from the big band opening through to gospel, with neither a note nor a lyric wasted. Those self same critics who panned the live performance in 1943 were fulsome in their praise in 1958, proof of the vitality of the album.

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV (Come Sunday)
5. Part V (Come Sunday Interlude)
6. Part VI (23rd Psalm)