Cleo Laine - Meet Cleo

Cleo Laine - Meet Cleo

Catalogue Code: 714282

Barcode: 5050457142827

Release Date: 24 Feb 2014

Specially compiled from her British recordings for the American market, Meet Cleo was her debut release on the other side of the Atlantic. ‘Meet Cleo Laine, one of the finest of Britain’s young singing stars in her American album debut! Little more than five years ago a housewife who confined her singing to lightening her work around the house, the exciting Miss Laine was discovered by Johnny Dankworth, the popular English band-leader. As soloist with the Dankworth group, Cleo rose quickly in popularity with British ‘pop’ music fans, so much so that it was soon necessary for her to go out on her own as a ‘single’. Cleo has often been compared to some of our American singing ‘greats’ of nightery fame. True, she has that atmosphere of compelling drama and impeccable taste in songs that are essential in appearing before fashionable bistro audiences. She has a ‘big’ sound too. What distinguishes Cleo, though, is her quite unique sense of styling and interpretation.’

1. The Lady Sings The Blues
2. Mean To Me
3. Mood Indigo
4. I'll Get By
5. My One And Only Love
6. Stormy Weather
7. Love Is Here To Stay
8. Early Autumn
9. St Louis Blues
10. 'T'ain't What You Do
11. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
12. Hit The Road To Dreamland