Tennessee Ernie Ford - Civil War Songs Of The North

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Civil War Songs Of The North

Catalogue Code: 714342

Barcode: 5050457143428

Release Date: 18 Nov 2013

Wisely deciding against taking sides, Tennessee Ernie Ford opted to record two albums celebrating the centenary of the American Civil War in 1961, with Civil War Songs of the North being complimented by Civil War Songs of the South. In both instances Ernie faced a herculean task; how to whittle down literally hundreds of songs from either side of the conflict into a twelve track album for each. Every song chosen had to invoke images of patriotism and valour, although the arrangements and instrumentation brought the songs up to date. As has often been stated, if anyone could have turned these pieces in to favourites a hundred years on, it was Tennessee Ernie Ford.

1. The Army Of The Free
2. Virginia's Bloody Soul
3. Marching Song (Of The First Arkansas Negro Regiment)
4. The Why And The Wherefore
5. The Vacant Chair
6. The Fall Of Charleston
7. The New York Volunteer
8. The Faded Coat Of Blue
9. Marching Through Georgia
10. Just Before The Battle, Mother
11. The Girl I Left Behind Me
12. Union Dixie