Tennessee Ernie Ford - Civil War Songs Of The South

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Civil War Songs Of The South

Catalogue Code: 714352

Barcode: 5050457143527

Release Date: 14 Jul 2014

Wisely deciding against taking sides, Tennessee Ernie Ford opted to record two albums celebrating the centenary of the American Civil War in 1961, with Civil War Songs of the North being complimented by Civil War Songs of the South. For some reason, the album of Southern songs found greater favour with the American public when originally released, selling more and for longer than the Northern counterpart, and was still in the catalogue more than a decade later. Even a song such as Dixie, virtually the unofficial anthem of the Confederacy, was much beloved by President Abraham Lincoln!

1. Stonewall Jackson's Way
2. Lorena
3. Riding A Raid
4. Maryland, My Maryland
5. Goober Peas
6. I Can Whip The Scoundrel
7. The Bonnie Blue Flag
8. The Valiant Conscript
9. The Rebel Soldier
10. The Southern Wagon
11. Flight Of Doodles
12. Dixie