Allan Sherman - My Son The Folk Singer

Allan Sherman - My Son The Folk Singer

Catalogue Code: 714602

Barcode: 5050457146023

Release Date: 9 Jun 2014

In 1951 Allan Sherman recorded a single with Sylvia Froos, with A Satchel And A Seck being a parody of A Bushel And A Peck from Guys And Dolls. The single did little, but Allan enjoyed creating parodies and would often drop them into the proceedings when he was with friends or family. One such fan of the parodies was Harpo Marx, who regularly invited Allan round to his parties to entertain the guests. One such guest was George Burns, who was equally impressed and called Warner Brothers and persuaded them to sign Allan to a recording contract. The first such fruits were My Son The Folk Singer, a nine track album (briefly released with ten tracks, until it was discovered one of the songs parodied was still in copyright) featuring well known songs such as Greensleeves and Matilda given a distinctive Jewish flavour when they became Sir Greenbaum’s Madrigal and My Zelda respectively. The album proved a major success, topping the US album chart and becoming one the quickest selling albums of the time on its way to a million plus sales.

1. The Ballad Of Henry Lewis
2. Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max
3. Sir Greenbaum's
4. My Zelda
5. The Streets Of Miami
6. Sarah Jackman
7. Jump Down, Spin Around (Pick A Dress O'Cotton)
8. Oh Boy
9. Shticks And Stones