The Cadillacs - Twisting With The Cadillacs

The Cadillacs - Twisting With The Cadillacs

Catalogue Code: 714762

Barcode: 5050457147624

Release Date: 14 Jul 2014

Twisting With The Cadillacs, released in 1962, was something of a last stand for the group, who had enjoyed (or perhaps endured) a somewhat turbulent time since their formation in 1953. Then they were known as The Carnations, although they evolved in to The Cadillacs during their first recording session in 1954. A year later, they recorded what was to become their biggest hit in Speedo, a #3 R&B and #17 pop hit in 1955. The group splintered in to two factions in 1957 only to re-assemble in 1958. Further break-ups occurred in 1959 and 1960, by which time the group had begun to sound more like The Coasters (and one of their members would go on to join that rival group). By 1962 The Cadillacs were following musical trends rather than setting them as in their heyday, although Twisting With The Cadillacs, issued on the Jubilee label, is still worthy of attention. There is a re-recorded version of their major hit Speedo and another in Peek-A-Boo (#20 R&B and #28 pop) in what is a fell good album of twist material.

1. Romeo
2. Speedo
3. Woe Is Me
4. Buzz Buzz Buzz
5. It's Love
6. I Wonder Why
7. Peek-A-Boo
8. Shock-A-Doo
9. Dum Dee Dum Dum
10. Still You Left Me Baby
11. Sugar Sugar
12. My Girl Friend