Dakota Staton - The Late, Late Show

Dakota Staton - The Late, Late Show

Catalogue Code: 714782

Barcode: 5050457147822

Release Date: 14 Jul 2014

Dakota Staton's debut album, released by Capitol in 1957 got her career off to the perfect start. Born in Pittsburgh in 1930, Dakota worked the nightclub circuit in major cities, eventually being spotted performing in New York. Signed by Capitol in 1954 she was named Most Promising Newcomer a year later, but for some reason the label held off getting her to record. The wait proved worth it, with conductor Van Alexander assisting Dakota on a musical journey thanks to cuts such as Broadway, Summertime, Misty and My Funny Valentine, among others. The album would go on to peak at #4 on the Billboard chart, a hugely impressive placing for a debut release.

1. Broadway
2. Trust In Me
3. Summertime
4. Misty
5. A Foggy Day
6. What Do You See In Her?
7. The Late, Late Show
8. My Funny Valentine
9. Give Me The Simple Life
10. You Showed Me The Way
11. Moonray
12. Ain't No Use