Sonny Rollins - The Bridge

Sonny Rollins - The Bridge

Catalogue Code: 714952

Barcode: 5050457149529

Release Date: 22 Sep 2014

In 1959, seemingly at the height of his career, Sonny Rollins retired, spending time in Japan and India where he studied yoga and Zen. When he returned to America, it was to perfect his craft, spending sometimes 15 or 16 hours a day at the Williamsburg Bridge in New York since he had insufficient room at his apartment in Manhattan. Every day, in all weathers, for near on three years Sonny visited the bridge to continue his musical education. In 1962 he decided the time was right for a return, linking with guitarist Jim Hall as well as Bob Cranshaw on bass and Ben Riley on drums (Harry Saunders sits in on drums on one track instead of Riley) and recording The Bridge (named after Williamsburg Bridge) for new label RCA Victor. It was a triumphant return too, with the album considered ground breaking and inspired and a successful comeback.

1. Without A Song
2. Where Are You
3. John S
4. The Bridge
5. God Bless The Child
6. You Do Something To Me