Grant Green - Grantstand

Grant Green - Grantstand

Catalogue Code: 715272

Barcode: 5050457152727

Release Date: 13 Apr 2015

Grant Green’s third album, Grantstand was recorded on 1 August 1961 and released soon after. It found master guitarist Grant teaming up with Yusef Lateef (tenor saxophone and flute), Ben Ticker (bass), Brother Jack McDuff (organ) and Al Harewood (drums). Whilst it was an unlikely combination of musicians (especially the link up with Yusef, who was beginning to experiment with Eastern sounds and styles), the unit worked well, with McDuff toning down his normal ferocious style and content to let Grant’s versatility shine through. The album features four tracks, three of which are extended grooves that give Grant the luxury of time and space to push each song to the very limits of experimentation. Nowhere is this better exemplified than on My Favourite Valentine, a performance that has come to be acknowledged as one of his greatest standard performances and something of a stage setter for later recordings.

1. Grantstand
2. My Funny Valentine
3. Blues In Maude's Flat
4. Old Folks