The Paragons - The Paragons Meet The Jesters

The Paragons - The Paragons Meet The Jesters

Catalogue Code: 715322

Barcode: 5050457153229

Release Date: 9 Mar 2015

Although largely overlooked now, one of the main doo-wop labels of the late 1950s and early 1960s was Paul Winley’s eponymous label Winley Records. Aside from The Paragons and The Jesters, the label was also home to The Clovers, Dave Baby Cortez and The Duponts. However, it is The Paragons and The Jesters that helped the label establish its reputation. Both acts were regulars on the live circuit in and around New York during this period, and eventually someone at the record company had the idea of sending the pair of them out to the same venue, thus instigating a battle of the bands show. The concept proved popular enough for Jerry Blaine of Jay-Gee Records to approach Paul Winley to licence tracks from both acts to create the album The Paragons Meet The Jesters, a vinyl version of the battle of the bands. The sleeve was considered particularly risqué for the time too, featuring two leather clad hoodlums who had no connection to either group. It was, however, just one of five similarly themed albums released at much the same time, including The Cadillacs Meet The Orioles. Although reviews of the albums were somewhat lukewarm with regard to sales potential, within a matter of weeks The Paragons Meet The Jesters had become one of the best selling albums in New York and certainly the best selling album handled by the distributor.

1. Florence
2. Please Let Me Love You
3. So Strange
4. Let's Start All Over Again
5. Now That You're Gone
6. The Vows Of Love
7. Hey Little School Girl
8. I'm Falling In Love
9. Love No One But You
10. Stick With Me Baby
11. I Laughed
12. Twilight