Sam Larner - Now Is The Time For Fishing

Sam Larner - Now Is The Time For Fishing

Catalogue Code: 715402

Barcode: 5050457154028

Release Date: 9 Dec 2016

One of the more off the wall releases on Hallmark, Now Is The Time For Fishing features the unique vocals and memories of Sam Larner, a Norfolk fisherman who spent some forty years out at sea. When on dry land, Sam would retire to the Fishermans Return, a public house located in the village of Winterton, where he entertained the locals and visitors alike with his interpretations of fishing songs. Many of the songs Sam performed were unique to Winterton, with Sam said to be the only man who knew them, but fortunately those renditions were committed to vinyl and originally released in 1961. Work songs in general and fishing songs in particular have become a popular interest over the years, and whilst Sam is no longer with us (he died in 1965), his recordings play an important part in understanding the life and work of fisherman from a bygone age.

1. Now Is The Time For Fishing
2. Up Jumped The Herring
3. The Dogger Bank
4. Henry Martin
5. Butter And Cheese
6. The Reckless Young Fellow
7. Blow Away The Morning Dew
8. All Fours
9. Green Broom
10. The Dockyard Gate
11. No, Sir, No Sir
12. Sealore And Rhymes
13. The Drowned Lover
14. The Dolphin
15. The Bold Princess Royal
16. The Ghost Ship
17. Pleasant And Delightful
18. Maids, When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man
19. The Wild Rover