Duke Pearson - Tender Feelin's

Duke Pearson - Tender Feelin's

Catalogue Code: 715492

Barcode: 5050457154929

Release Date: 27 Oct 2014

Duke Pearson’s second album for Blue Note and originally released in 1959, Tender Feelin’s proved to be something of an apt title, since much of the material is relaxing jazz. Featuring bassist Gene Taylor and drummer Lex Humphries, the trio format enables Duke to retain an intimate atmosphere throughout the proceedings. The material ranges from the blues to romantic ballads, with Duke contributing a series of improvised solos throughout to produce a delightful album. Most notable is the elongated final track 3AM, which was recorded as something of an afterthought. ‘The session was over, and everybody was ready to pack up and the lights in the studio had been turned off. Then, Duke started to play the blues, with his hat on, and quickly Gene grabbed his bass and Lex got ready. In the control room, we got set, but fast, and this is the result.’

1. Bluebird Of Happiness
2. I'm A Fool To Want You
3. I Love You
4. When Sonny Get's Blue
5. The Golden Striker
6. On Green Dolphin Street
7. 3 AM