The Spotnicks - Out-A Space - The Spotnicks In London

The Spotnicks - Out-A Space - The Spotnicks In London

Catalogue Code: 715542

Barcode: 5050457155421

Release Date: 20 Jan 2014

Similar in style to The Shadows, The Ventures and The Tornados, The Spotnicks exploded on to the music scene in 1962 with their hit single Orange Blossom Special, a Top Thirty hit in the summer. Whilst the Tornados were largely faceless because the group were entirely reliant on Joe Meek, The Spotnicks were unidentifiable because the group took to appearing on stage wearing space suits! Heralding from Sweden (and thus can lay claim to becoming the first major Swedish music export, a good decade ahead of Abba), the group quickly arrived in England looking to capitalise on their success. An album was recorded, Out-A Space - The Spotnicks In London, which would feature the hits Orange Blossom Special and Rocket Man and become a minor chart hit in its own right. Whilst The Spotnicks would make two further returns to the British singles chart in 1963, their time in the sun had seemingly gone. That has not stopped them racking up worldwide sales approaching 20 million units, nor continuing to tour even to this day (although a tour later this year is slated as their final one).

1. Orange Blossom Special
2. Happy Henrik's Polka
3. Ol' Man River
4. Nightcap
5. The Spotnick's Theme
6. High-Flying Scotsman
7. Moonshot
8. The Rocket Man
9. Dark Eyes
10. My Old Kentucky Home
11. No Yaga Daga Blues
12. Thundernest
13. Amapola
14. I'm Going Home (To See My Baby)