Henry Mancini - Breakfast At Tiffany's (Original Soundtrack)

Henry Mancini - Breakfast At Tiffany's (Original Soundtrack)

Catalogue Code: 715592

Barcode: 5050457155926

Release Date: 20 Jan 2014

Henry Mancini and Blake Edwards had already enjoyed considerable success together, with Henry’s distinctive score to the television show Peter Gunn, so when Blake was assigned to direct Breakfast At Tiffany’s, he immediately contacted Henry for the film score. The key track on the album was Moon River, co-written by Johnny Mercer, which was performed by film star Audrey Hepburn. Although Audrey had a limited vocal range, the simplicity of the song suited her to perfection, even though one or two film executives demanded it be cut from the film when they first heard it. In the event the song stayed, going on to win an Oscar for Best Original Song and helping the album attain both an Oscar for Best Original Score and top the album chart.

1. Moon River
2. Something For Cat
3. Sally's Tomato
4. Mr Yunioshi
5. The Big Blow Out
6. Hub Caps And Tail Lights
7. Breakfast At Tiffany's
8. Latin Golightly
9. Holly
10. Loose Caboose
11. The Big Heist
12. Moon River Cha Cha