The Springfields - Kinda Folksy

The Springfields - Kinda Folksy

Catalogue Code: 715602

Barcode: 5050457156022

Release Date: 20 Jan 2014

Mary O’Brien had been a member of the all girl group The Lana Sisters, whilst her brother Dion was a member of the duo The Kensington Squares with Tim Field. In 1960 both Mary and Dion affected a name-change, becoming Dusty and Tom Springfield respectively, and retaining Tim launched a new pop folk trio in The Springfields. Comparable in many ways to Peter Paul & Mary, The Springfields recorded their debut album in 1961 and achieved their chart breakthrough later that year, although for much of the time it was Tom Springfield who was seen as the leader of the group. And whilst he was undoubtedly the chief songwriter and producer, Dusty’s vocal talents still manage to shine through on Kinda Folksy, their debut album.

1. Wimoweh Mambo
2. The Black Hills Of Dakota
3. Row, Row, Row
4. The Green Leaves Of Summer
5. Silver Dollar
6. Allentown Jail
7. Lonesome Traveller
8. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
9. They Took John Away
10. Eso Es El Amor
11. Two Brothers
12. Tzena, Tzena, Tzena