Dizzy Gillespie - Gillespiana

Dizzy Gillespie - Gillespiana

Catalogue Code: 715622

Barcode: 5050457156220

Release Date: 15 Jun 2015

Argentine pianist, composer, arranger and conductor Lalo Schifrin first met American trumpeter and bandleader Dizzy Gillespie in 1956, with the former offering to write an extended work for the latter’s big band. The was completed by 1958, although recording wouldn’t commence until 1960, by which time the big band had been dissolved because of finance issues and Dizzy was leading a much smaller combo, which, quite by chance, had a vacancy as pianist that Lalo was able to fill. The five track piece is an adventurous recording, for Lalo’s compositions are not rooted in jazz but rather explore music from other genres, even down to classical. Three of the album’s five tracks are extended workouts and virtual musical suites, with sufficient room for all the instruments to solo and breathe. Overall it is a compelling album and a theme both Lalo and Dizzy would return to a couple of years later.

1. Prelude
2. Blues
3. Panamericana
4. Africana
5. Toccata