Herb Alpert - The Lonely Bull

Herb Alpert - The Lonely Bull

Catalogue Code: 716072

Barcode: 5050457160722

Release Date: 25 Sep 2015

Initially a vocalist going by the name Dore Alpert on RCA Records, Herb Alpert linked with Jerry Moss to form Carnival Records in 1961. After two singles on the label (one by Dore Alpert, the other from Charlie Robinson), they discovered the presence of another label going under the Carnival moniker and so opted to rebrand their label as A&M, based on their initials. Herb also established a small recording studio in his garage and was working on an instrumental originally entitled Twinkle Star, written by Sol Lake. During the course of recording Herb and Jerry undertook a holiday in Mexico, where they encountered a mariachi band at a bullfight. The two influences were subsequently incorporated into Twinkle Star, with the tune ultimately evolving into The Lonely Bull and becoming a major pop hit the world over. The accompanying album explores similar influences and themes but without over-extending its welcome; this is as much a light pop and jazz album as it is an album influenced by Mexican music. And the end result was a major success, spending more than three years on the album chart and peaking at #10. Thereafter, Dore Alpert was confined to the history books and Herb Alpert would become one of the most successful recording artists and record company owners of his generation.

1. The Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro)
2. El Lobo (The Wolf)
3. Tijuana Sauerkraut
4. Desafinado
5. Mexico
6. Never On Sunday
7. Struttin' With Maria
8. Let It Be Me
9. Acapulco 1922
10. Limbo Rock
11. Crawfish
12. A Quiet Tear (Lagrima Quieta)