Petula Clark - Petula

Petula Clark - Petula

Catalogue Code: 716102

Barcode: 5050457161026

Release Date: 25 Sep 2015

By 1962, Petula Clark was a major star across virtually the whole of Europe. Her British fanbase had been established in 1954 when The Little Shoemaker had become her first Top Ten hit, and a further six such Top Ten hits had consolidated that success. Since 1957, however, a whole new market had been exploited, with Petula recording material specifically aimed at the French market, which had also taken her to their hearts. The success of the single Chariot (a Top Ten hit in France, Germany and Italy but barely afforded a British release) paved the way for the album Petula, which would also become a major success on the continent. Recorded in France and featuring songs written by John D Loudermilk, Raymond Lefevre, Serge Gainsbourg and, most notably, Petula herself, the musical accompaniment was provided by Peter Knight and his orchestra and singers. Overall, it is an interesting album that reveals Petula comfortable singing in a foreign language.

1. Chariot
2. Coeur Blessé - Torture
3. Les Chants De L'été
4. Les Colimacons
5. Dans Le Train De Nuit
6. Claquez Vos Doigts / Snap Your Fingers
7. Les Beaux Jours / Ramblin' Rose
8. L'enfant Do
9. Chanson D'Argentine - Tes Yeux Bleus
10. Vilaine Fille, Mauvais Garçon
11. L'amour Que Tu M'as Donné
12. Darling Chéri