Blind Lemon Jefferson - 20 Blues Greats

Blind Lemon Jefferson - 20 Blues Greats

Catalogue Code: 716172

Barcode: 5050457161729

Release Date: 16 Oct 2015

One of the leading names in country blues, Blind Lemon Jefferson was one of the most popular blues musicians during his heyday of the 1920s but went on to maintain and even surpass that popularity in the decades that followed. That he did so by chiefly writing his own material only adds to his reputation. Alongside that reputation is his influence; as well as a host of fellow blues singers from the 1920s onwards, Blind Lemon Jefferson’s musical style and songs have proved to be something of a marker for many rock and roll musicians and singers. In short, Blind Lemon Jefferson is an important musical figure, irrespective of the musical genre in which he was most active. This twenty track compilation (he recorded some hundred plus songs during his career), coupled with the only known photograph of him as a performer, is a good entry point for any would-be fan.

1. Hangman's Blues
2. Chock House Blues
3. Prison Cell Blues
4. Jack O' Diamonds
5. Brok And Hungry
6. Match Box Blues
7. Rising High Water Blues
8. Lemon's Worried Blues
9. Mean Jumper Blues
10. Shockin' Sugar Blues
11. Easy Rider Blues
12. Teddy Bear Blues
13. Piney Woods Money Mama
14. Lonesome House Blues
15. Low Down Mojo Blues
16. Sunshine Blues
17. Bad Luck Blues
18. Lock Step Blues
19. Boon' Me 'Bout
20. Black Horse Blues