Dorothy Provine - The Vamp of the  Roaring 20's

Dorothy Provine - The Vamp of the Roaring 20's

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Release Date: 16 Oct 2015

The early 1960s television programme The Roaring 20s is today something of a forgotten series, its two seasons airing between October 1960 and January 1962 for a total of 48 episodes. Yet whilst most may have trouble remembering even one of the plotlines, the music in general and Dorothy Provine in particular are fondly recalled. As Pinky Pinkham, the singing and high-kicking flapper from the Charleston Club, Dorothy provided the series with its glamour and beauty. Her character and portrayal proved so popular the record company were obliged to release two albums of soundtrack material, crediting both to Dorothy herself. Whilst the albums did little in the US, they both charted here in the UK, with the second album following its predecessor in to the Top Ten.

1. Medley One: Baby Face / Looking For A Boy / Hallelujahi / There's "Yes, Yes" In Your Eyes
2. Medley Two: Doin' The Sigma Chi / Bashful Baby / Freddy The Freshman
3. Medley Three: Thinking Of You / Memory Lane / If You Want The Rainbow / Revenge / I Know That You Know / I'm Just Wild About Harry
4. Medley Four: Hard Hearted Hannah / Singing In The Bathtub / California, Here I Come
5. Medley Five: You've Got That Thing / He Looks At Her And Then He Goes Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha / Somebody Loves Me / Crazy Rhythm
6. Medley Six: I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charelston / Tip-Toe Through The Tulips / Thou Swell / Ain't We Got Fun
7. Medley Seven: Bambalina / Happy Days Are Here Again / The Love Nest
8. Medley Eight: The Man I Love / Mamma Goes Where Papa Goes / Swanee