Various Artists - The Complete Harvey Records Singles

Various Artists - The Complete Harvey Records Singles

Catalogue Code: 716202

Barcode: 5050457162023

Release Date: 16 Oct 2015

The emergence of Motown has tended to overshadow the exploits of just about every other record company that was active in Detroit during the late 1950s and early the following decade. Many of these labels would eventually end up as part of Berry Gordy’s Motown empire, their back catalogue added to the ever-expanding portfolio and their artists either given the full Motown treatment (as in the case of Junior Walker and Edwin Starr) or quietly allowed to go and seek fame and fortune elsewhere. Harvey Fuqua’s self-named Harvey label is a case in point. Several of his artists thrived at Motown, including Junior Walker and the Detroit Spinners, and there were roles of various sorts waiting the likes of Marvin Gaye (who never recorded as a solo artist for Harvey), James Nyx and Ann Bogan. Thus Harvey has its own place in Motown folklore, making this complete collection of singles of important historic value.

1. Orange Driver
2. Hard-Headed Woman
3. Little Ole Boy, Little Ole Girl
4. That's How I Am Without You
5. Twist Lackawanna
6. Willie's Blues
7. Get To School On Time
8. Been A Long Time
9. The Thing To Do
10. Mean And Evil (Baby)
11. Never Felt Like This Before
12. My Love
13. Cleo's Mood
14. Brain Washer
15. (Don't Be) Messing With My Bread
16. Good Rockin'
17. Brainwasher, Part 2
18. Over The Hump
19. I Thought
20. What Can You Do Now
21. Will I Do