BB King - Easy Listening Blues

BB King - Easy Listening Blues

Catalogue Code: 716292

Barcode: 5050457162924

Release Date: 29 Apr 2016

This album is something of rarity, featuring as it does B.B. King on a collection of instrumentals rather than focusing on his usual, distinctive vocal. Whilst there is an argument to say that this album was something of an afterthought rather than a carefully constructed album (the story behind the album is that his label knew he was headed off to pastures new when his contract expired so had him record as much material as they could in order to keep them going after his departure), the end result is better than might be expected. With the absence of vocals, it is possible to fully appreciate how good a guitarist B.B. King was, how he and Lucille (as he called his guitar) were an unbeatable combination.

1. Easy Listening (Blues)
2. Blues For Me
3. Night Long
4. Confessin'
5. Don't Touch
6. Slow Walk
7. Walkin'
8. Shoutin' The Blues
9. Rambler
10. Hully Gully (Twist)