Redd Foxx - Racy Tales

Redd Foxx - Racy Tales

Catalogue Code: 716322

Barcode: 5050457163228

Release Date: 29 Apr 2016

One of the first comics to gain widespread notoriety, thanks in part to his raunchy nightclub act. It was an act he spent three decades cultivating, and whilst it wasn’t for the easily offended or meek, it kept audiences in stitches all over the United States. It was whilst performing in Los Angeles that he was spotted by Dootsie Williams, owner of the Dootone label. Redd signed with the label in 1956 and would remain a fixture until 1967 when he left bound for Frank Sinatra’s Loma. Even then Dootone kept the releases coming, repackaging and recreating albums right up until 1975, the last few years as little more than an outlet for their extensive Redd Foxx catalogue! Racy Tales was originally released in 1959 and remains one of his more popular recordings. Redd tackles all manner of subject matter; those easily offended should remove their headphones immediately!

1. Confucius Say
2. Earthquake Pregnancy
3. Hillbilly In Brooklyn
4. My Financial Advisor
5. The Lions
6. The Ass
7. Texas
8. Three Old Maid Sisters
9. Mary's Wardrobe
10. The Rent Receipt
11. Hell Is Down Hill
12. The Great Drama
13. The Twin Brothers
14. The Pregnant Pussy
15. The Second Race