Phyllis Diller - Wet Toe In A Hot Socket

Phyllis Diller - Wet Toe In A Hot Socket

Catalogue Code: 716382

Barcode: 5050457163822

Release Date: 29 Apr 2016

For nearly the first four decades of her life, Phyllis Driver was an unassuming woman and, having married at the age of 22, become the mother of five children. With the children well on their way to growing up, Phyllis began looking for work, but reasoning that it had to be more challenging than her earlier occupation as a copywriter, Phyllis Diller opted to become a comedienne. With a career that lasted from 1949 to her death in 2012, Phyllis proved to be a trailblazer for comediennes; it is hard to imagine the later success of Joan Rivers, Lily Tomlin or Roseanne Barr without the early foundation work done by Phyllis. This album was her first album release, issued after a decade or so honing the act on the tour circuit. Whilst some of the material may seem dated now, the delivery is as sharp as ever.

1. Cesspool Of Culture
2. I'd Rather Cha Cha Than Eat
3. Cornflakes On The Rocks
4. Guess Who I Saw Today
5. I Hate Cheap Beauty Parlors
6. Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow
7. Thrift Flight
8. To Keep My Love Alive
9. Wet Toe In A Hot Socket
10. Just Like A Man