Various Artists - The Complete Tri-Phi Singles Volume 1

Various Artists - The Complete Tri-Phi Singles Volume 1

Catalogue Code: 716552

Barcode: 5050457165529

Release Date: 30 Sep 2016

The second of the two labels created by songwriter and producer Harvey Fuqua (the other being Harvey Records, itself the subject of a Hallmark release on 716202), Tri-Phi was the only label that enjoyed a modicum of chart success, although that success was nearly the ruination of Harvey as he was forced to press more and more stock even before he had been fully paid for the original inventory. The biggest hit was The Spinners’ That’s What Girls Are Made Of, but there is plenty else here of interest. The standout track is probably the Johnny (Bristol) and Jackey (Beavers) original outing Someday We’ll Be Together which was issued in 1961. It would later be covered by Diana Ross & The Supremes as their final single before Diana headed off for a solo career and topped the chart.

1. That's What Girls Are Made For
2. Heebie Jeebies
3. Carry Your Own Load
4. So Disappointing
5. Don't Let Them Tell Me (Tell Me Yourself)
6. Grieving About A Love
7. Love (I'm So Glad) I Found You
8. Sudbuster
9. Someday We'll Be Together
10. Sho Don't Play
11. I'll Be Here
12. Bad Willie
13. What Did She Use
14. Itchin' For My Baby (But I Don't Know What To Scratch)
15. You Got Me Crying Again
16. Hoy Hoy
17. Do You Know Him
18. I Won't Mind
19. Whistling About You
20. She Loves Me So
21. Midnite Session (Part 1)
22. Midnite Sessions (Part 2)
23. Honey Honey Honey
24. Stay With Me