The Spinners - The Spinners Collection

The Spinners - The Spinners Collection

Catalogue Code: 716572

Barcode: 5050457165727

Release Date: 30 Sep 2016

Long regarded as one of Britain’s greatest folk groups The Spinners commenced their career as a skiffle group, with their repertoire largely drawn from American songbooks. Their fortunes began to change when they introduced sea shanties and folk songs to their material, resulting in an upsurge in popularity. By the early 1970s they were hosting their own television series, their popularity showing little or no sign of diminishing. Although they officially retired the group in 1989 there were several brief reunions, all now sadly brought to a halt. Their music however continues to appeal, and this mix of studio and live recordings is a perfect introduction to The Spinners.

1. The Family Of Man
2. A Roving
3. Abiyoyo
4. Liverpool Judies
5. Navvy Boots
6. Wimoweh
7. Drunken Sailor
8. Gungu Walk
9. Black And White
10. Long Time Ago
11. Mandy
12. Rothesay-O
13. The Fox
14. The Leaving Of Liverpool
15. Asikatali
16. Kick The Cat
17. Mechanical Blackbird
18. Three Jolly Boys
19. Linstead Market
20. The Ellen Vannin Tragedy
21. The Keeper
22. Uncle Sigmund's Clockwork Storybook
23. Seven Little Kids
24. Jug O' Punch