Barbara Dane - When I Was A Young Girl

Barbara Dane - When I Was A Young Girl

Catalogue Code: 716662

Barcode: 5050457166625

Release Date: 28 Oct 2016

Blues and folk singer Barbara Dane is something of an unknown name to many record buyers, although her prolonged career (her first album appeared towards the end of the 1950s and she is still recording today!) has included several high points, none more so than this particular release. Issued and reissued on several occasions, sometimes under a different title, the material was recorded at the Ash Grove in Los Angeles in 1959. As will be apparent, the overall feel is of a folk singer more than comfortable singing the blues, and vice versa. The accompanying musician on the album is banjo and guitar player Tom Paley, and together he and Barbara deliver an album that is a delight from start to finish.

1. When I Was A Young Girl
2. Little Maggie
3. Nine Hundred Miles
4. Turkey Reveille
5. Who's Gonna' Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
6. Ramblin'
7. Girl Of Constant Sorrow
8. Gypsy Davy
9. Single Girl
10. I Know Where I'm Going
11. The Danville Girl
12. Stung Right
13. Greensleeves
14. La Le Too Dum
15. Don't Sing Love Songs