Original Film Soundtrack - The Misfits

Original Film Soundtrack - The Misfits

Catalogue Code: 716812

Barcode: 5050457168124

Release Date: 21 Apr 2017

The filming of the 1961 release The Misfits was reportedly troublesome from start to finish, with Marilyn Monroe’s marriage to writer Arthur Miller crumbling during the course of the shoot, health concerns for Clark Gable (he died ten days after filming was complete owing to a heart attack) and drink and gambling addictions affecting the director. Fortunately the music was completed without too much trouble, but you would expect nothing less from Alex North. Since there wasn’t enough original music in the film to justify a full album release, United Artists had North record additional film music in order to get some form of The Misfits soundtrack out to market. We present therefore the album as it was originally released.

1. Main Theme
2. Paddle Ball
3. Disagreement
4. Reno Bar Dance
5. Compassion
6. Rendezvous
7. Misfits Theme
8. The Old Horse
9. Big Muddy
10. Smuggling Guns
11. Apache Death
12. Deep River--Lorena
13. Kingdom Coming