Various Artists - The Complete Satellite Records Singles

Various Artists - The Complete Satellite Records Singles

Catalogue Code: 716882

Barcode: 5050457168827

Release Date: 23 Jun 2017

What Motown was to Detroit and the North, so Satellite and its successor Stax would be to Memphis and the South. Whilst Motown owed its very creation to the R&B market, Satellite was altogether more sweeping in its musical pursuits, commencing as a country label and only starting to gain popularity and success when it ventured into the R&B pool. This album gathers all but one of the Satellite Records releases (one by Fred Byler remains elusive) from its inception in 1958 through to its eventual name switch in 1961, including those early hits by The Mar-Keys and Carla Thomas.

1. Give Me Your Love
2. Blue Roses
3. Boppin' High School Baby
4. Warrior Sam
5. Whisper Your Love
6. Little Fool
7. You Drive Me Crazy
8. Say Anything But Not Goodbye
9. Fool In Love
10. Someday
11. Prove Your Love
12. Destiny
13. 'Cause I Love You
14. Deep Down Inside
15. Suddenly
16. Nobody Cares
17. Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)
18. For You
19. As You Can See
20. You Make Me Feel So Good
21. You're My Girl
22. Why Doesn't She Notice Me
23. Last Night
24. Night Before
25. I'm Going Home
26. All The Way
27. The Right Girl
28. Ain't That Love
29. I Just Can't Learn
30. Cindy
31. The Life I Live
32. I Don't Worry