Howlin' Wolf - Sings The Blues

Howlin' Wolf - Sings The Blues

Catalogue Code: 716932

Barcode: 5050457169329

Release Date: 23 Jun 2017

Howling Wolf Sings The Blues has all the appearances of a budget album. There is the misspelt artist name, the use of a standard photograph on the cover rather than go to the trouble and expense of commissioning a proper photo session. Then there’s the material, all of which had been previously issued in one form or another. Crown Records has achieved almost legendary status for the quality (or often the lack of it) of their releases over the years, but despite the obvious flaws there is still much to enjoy on this particular release. And even the two tracks that aren’t by Howlin’ Wolf at all are worthy of attention!

1. Riding In The Moonlight
2. Worried About My Baby
3. Crying At Daylight
4. Brown Skin Woman
5. Twisting And Turning
6. House Rockin' Boogie
7. Keep What You Got
8. Dog Me Around
9. Morning At Midnight
10. Backslide Boogie