Various Artists - Go, Johnny Go!

Various Artists - Go, Johnny Go!

Catalogue Code: 716982

Barcode: 5050457169824

Release Date: 21 Jul 2017

To describe this album as a soundtrack is something of a misnomer, since it was not available for sale at the time the film was originally released. Copies were produced, for the benefit of radio and promotion people, but no commercial copies were ever made available to the general public, even when the film was enjoying its initial round of popularity. It may well have been contract difficulties prevented the album being generally released (Chuck Berry was signed to Chess, Eddie Cochran to Liberty and Jackie Wilson was with Brunswick), with the multiple record labels involved unlikely or unable to agree to licensing tracks. The promotional copies that were produced quickly became in-demand items and still retain their popularity today; we are more than happy to make this album finally commercially available!

1. My Love Is Strong
2. Once Again
3. Angel Face
4. You Better Know It
5. Go, Johnny Go (aka Johnny B Goode)
6. Jay Walker
7. Jump Children
8. Heavenly Father
9. Memphis, Tennessee
10. Ship On A Stormy Sea
11. Teenage Heaven
12. Playmates
13. Ooh My Head
14. Don't Be Afraid To Love
15. Little Queenie
16. Please Mr Johnson
17. Mama, Can I Go Out
18. It Takes A Long, Long Time
19. Now The Day Is Over