Moondog - Moondog

Moondog - Moondog

Catalogue Code: 716992

Barcode: 5050457169923

Release Date: 21 Jul 2017

The first of three albums Moondog would record for jazz specialist label Prestige, this eponymous album was recorded and released in 1956. Among the supporting performers were Moondog’s wife Suyzuko, the Weiner-Sabinsky Duo, Sakura Whiteing, Naila, Sam Ulano and tap dancer Ray Malone. ‘The countless hours spent by Moondog on the streets of New York provides a constant stream of material for this great, silent observer. Moondog’s music is what he has found in the world in which he lives. Through him we can view the world in a more perfect form.’ This is one of four Moondog albums released by Hallmark.

1. Caribea
2. Lullaby
3. Tree Trail
4. Death, When You Come To Me
5. Big Cat
6. Frog Bog
7. To A Sea Horse
8. Dance Rehearsal
9. Surf Session
10. Trees Against The Sky
11. Tap Dance
12. Oo Debut
13. Drum Suite
14. Street Scene