Oliver Nelson - Main Stem

Oliver Nelson - Main Stem

Catalogue Code: 717152

Barcode: 5050457171520

Release Date: 15 Sep 2017

Although Oliver Nelson is widely remembered for his film and television scores and his arrangements for a legion of other performers, his own recordings should not be so readily overlooked, for there are many gems just waiting to be rediscovered. Main Stem is a case in point. Linking Oliver with Joe Newman proved to be something of a masterstroke, as Billboard’s review of the time pointed out. ‘Oliver Nelson adds another fine instrumental voyage as tenor and alto sax soloist to his recorded catalogue on this album. He is nicely teamed with trumpeter Joe Newman who adds some mighty fluid and pretty blowing to this date. The album has its accent on swing and romps along on a fine rhythm section.’

1. Main Stem
2. J & B
3. Ho!
4. Latino
5. Tipsy
6. Tangerine