John Lee Hooker - Burnin'

John Lee Hooker - Burnin'

Catalogue Code: 717212

Barcode: 5050457172121

Release Date: 13 Apr 2018

Quite possibly the most important blues musician of all time, John Lee Hooker is thankfully also one of the most recorded, often re-recording much the same material for a succession of labels but merely changing his name in order to collect a recording fee. Burnin’ was originally recorded for Chicago label Vee-Jay. It was a label that gave him autonomy and freedom, which he repaid by producing a vital and compelling body of work. This particular album features several of Motown’s musicians as backing performers, so the quality is exceptionally high throughout. It also includes a stunning version of Boom Boom, one of his best known compositions.

1. Boom Boom
2. Process
3. Lost A Good Girl
4. A New Leaf
5. Blues Before Sunrise
6. Let's Make It
7. I Got A Letter
8. Thelma
9. Drug Store Woman
10. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
11. What Do You Say