Spike Milligan - Bridge On The River Wye

Spike Milligan - Bridge On The River Wye

Catalogue Code: 717272

Barcode: 5050457172725

Release Date: 1 Jan 2018

Written by Spike Milligan as a parody of the film The Bridge On The River Kwai, the recording was based around an earlier Goon Show entitled The African Incident. Shortly before the album was due for release, the distributors of the film threatened an injunction if the full name was used. Producer George Martin (later of The Beatles fame) therefore sat and edited the letter ‘k’ out of every utterance, thus creating Bridge On The River Wye. The recording features Spike alongside Goon Show regular Peter Sellers as well as Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook, Peter Rawley and Patricia Ridgway, with incidental music composed and directed by Wally Stott. Although considered part of the Goon Show lexicon, Bridge On The River Wye was never aired on radio or performed in front of an audience; this is best enjoyed on record.

1. Part 1
2. Part 2