The Ventures - Walk Don't Run

The Ventures - Walk Don't Run

Catalogue Code: 717342

Barcode: 5050457173425

Release Date: 13 Jul 2018

Having shifted more than 100 million records during the course of their career, The Ventures remain the best selling instrumental group in popular music history. Their record breaking run effectively commenced with the release of Walk Don’t Run, a million selling single that helped establish the group in America and beyond. The resulting album was their second long player and was recorded here and there as the group toured to fully capitalise on their new found fame. The cover therefore features a couple of staff members from their record company, thinly disguised to look as though they are group members fooling around with their musical instruments! Fortunately the group themselves perform on the album!

1. Morgen
2. Raunchy
3. Home
4. My Own True Love (Tara's Theme)
5. The Switch
6. Walk, Don't Run
7. Night Train
8. No Trespassing
9. Caravan
10. Sleep Walk
11. The McCoy
12. Honky Tonk